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Fiesta Mark 5 Zetec Blue, Ipod Compatability?


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2008 Will be the mk6.5.

It will have an aux connection which is a 3.5mm adapter to go to your headphone socket on your iPod, however you have to control your iPod directly on the iPod.

When I had mine I had the tech pack with the bluetooth and voice.

However due to the double din socket i put a pioneer f900bt in which was a sat nav, ipod, bluetooth etc I paid around £600 including all the stuff for me to fit it on eBay.

Hope that helps mate.

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oh yeh my bad about the mark lol

it comes with the sony cd/mp3 player, so i'll see if thats any good i just wanted some sort of playback of my ipod cba with radio all the time haha.

cheers for the help mate, much appreciated!!

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No problem mate, the forum is here as a tool iv found it helpful when switching from my mk6.5 to my mk7.

That being said mate you are getting yourself a cracker of a car my glade's as i called her was a lovely car and I miss her although I do love Wilma, they are great cars and I can vouch on a few occasions they are very safe with near misses.

The sony radio is the only small thing that kinda did annoy me it is an excellent product but the non sony radio can have some wiring done to add proper iPod control using the multi changer socket where as the sony won't is unconfirmed whether it works.

If you do decide you would rather have an aftermarket stereo let me know mate I might have some of the leads still here as I sold the pioneer but not the fiesta specific parts.

I am quite intrigued if anyone has seen my old car its reg is wr58 hjj a silver zetec blue, last seen in Trowbridge, Wilshire.

Anyway enjoy the car mate and let me know if you wanna know anything about it.


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how strange, I used to have a mk6.5 zetec blue with the tech pack and now im onto a titanium =]

but yeah, in front of the gearstick there should be a little 3.5mm jack for mp3 compatability but you cannot control your iPod through it unfortunately

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I tried playing my iPhone the other day and had it only connected thru the usb - and AUX on radio. but my phone just said ipod and no tunes showed

do I need to have also put in the jack for it work?


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