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Retrofit Air-Con Or Climate Control?


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My work situation may be about to change (fingers crossed touchwood) and if it does I may have a bit more money to play with than before so I was wondering if anyone has ever had AirCon or Climate Control fitted to their MK7 fiesta as a retrofit? I picked the style because of the lower insurance and the fact that I didnt think the extras the Style+ had were worth the gap in price at the time (especially as they wanted 600 more for a same age Style+ 3 door with marginally less miles than my 5 door Style.

Anyway does anyone know if its possible and how much the chaps at ford will charge me? I couldn't do it myself so thats not an option really.

Another thing my passenger door makes a rattling noise if theres a certain resonance of bass does anyone know how to rectify that?

thanks all.

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hi, it wouldnt be worth the money mate.

i did alot of research on this, for my peugerot 307 (when i had it). its the basic concept on all cars.

you will need:

-to change all the manual vent flaps to auto ones and install the motors.

-install the temp sensor

-program the ecu

-change all the cables to electronic

-change the controls to the climate control one

you could also have to replace the air con compressor and unit to work with the auto climate control

in other words alot of work taking the dash apart...so not worth the money.

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the kit shown above is something i will purchase at the begining of next year. they have a very detailed instalation guide so you know the work involved before you buy.

I was just about to add that to the post, its fully illustrated just like a haynes manual,

the design for the fiesta is alot better than their design for the focus though i prefer my custom controls see link below for pics of these,

however if i had a fiesta id buy that kit looks quality B)

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