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Rattling Window And Peeling Door Seals - First Fixes For The Zetec S


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This has happened to me, firstly at the bottom of the door and now the top, so needless to say it will be going back. It seems like a poor design to me...

Off topic, has anyone had an issue with the passenger window going up very slowly? My local garage temporarily fixed it by greasing the runners up. I think the motor or regulator is dodgy? Any guys & girls? Sorry to go off topic by the way.

I have this same problem with my passenger window, and the seal is also coming off at the bottom, which i have had fixed once before! I have also noticed marks on the inside of the window too as if it is dragging against some mechanism and leaving greasy marks on the window....maybe this is why it is slow.

I will be booking in for this looking at in the next week or so, will let you know how i get on.

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I have also booked mine back in with Ford so they can hopefully sort it out properly this time. Once I have it done I will post up results.

For the record, the window dragging on mine has done exactly the same thing. Marks left on the window. :angry:

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