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D4Nz0 Project Thread


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Initially wasn't gonna do much to this, but seen alot of potential in it and decided to start a project thread, including a catchup of whats been done so far.


Official Ford chrome fog surrounds

Detango'd front indicators

HID 6000k Dipped beams

Xenon white H1 fogs

Xenon white interior light

Xenon white rear number plate lights

Xenon white interior light

Anthracite powder coated alloys

Black wheel nut covers

Rear drums painted black

Front calipers painted red

Ford Approved Eibach -30mm springs

DMB Black/Chrome front/rear and steering wheel badges

Ford Approved Clim-Air wind deflectors

Future plans

Front aero splitter

Eibach 15mm rear spacers

Paint external plastics satin black (upper and lower grille, rear diffuser, fog surrounds)

alloys refurb in satin black

Wheel nut covers sprayed satin black


ICE install

Bought on 6th June 2011

First job was to sort out this badge with it corroded chrome


new badge


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Light attention.....

Detango'd, HID's installed, Xenon white LED fogs, xenon white interior light, xenon white rear number plate lights



Before and after of fogs colour



DMB Badges added - black/chrome




Fog surrounds - currently got chrome on, but think I'll be changing em soon.


Ford Approved 'Cim-Air' wind deflectors


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Gave her a good clean and very happy with this pic


26th August-----------------

New sub... Alpine SWX 1243D. Just chucked in the boot to keep it out the house tbh, it will be run of an Alpine PDX 1.1000 which is sitting in the house just now. But waiting till I get the ret of the system bought before it all gets hooked up at same time


Really does take up alot of boot space!



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I will be going to rstuning too. Looked into a few places and it seems like the best in Britain.

I live not far from Glasgow mate. Thanks for the compliment, I've been through a stage with previous car of dropping it 90mm on coilovers and bodykits, past that stage now.

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Oh not far from me then... lol

I never really did much to my last car, but bought this and did nothing to it for a year then went on some forums... lol

Knew all the things I wanted to do to it, was just a case of money and being the right time.. All that's left now is to sort all these LEDs out for footwell lights, interior light, glovebox light and sidelights, a remap and then I'm done

Here's some stuff I found a wrote to a guy on FiestaOwnersClub about yday, hes got same as us and is going RSTuning on Saturday


All 1.6TDCi Mk6 (Same engine in ours)


Before (with K&N)

Power: 104HP

Torque: 175FtLb


Power: 127.7HP

Torque: 215FtLb


Before (with meth kit)

Power: 98.7HP

Torque: 172FtLb


Power: 123.9HP

Torque: 210FtLb



Power: 96.2HP

Torque: 165FtLb


Power: 118.2HP

Torque: 200FtLb

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Don't know why you chose chrome fog surrounds as IMHO doesn't go with white car - will look good when you get the plastics sprayed (on my wish list too!)

Apart from that all good :)

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Ben, if I can get 120bhp+ and 200 torque, I'll be a happy man. My focus was running well over 230 torque and 130bhp using a tuning box.... but with the weight of the the Fez would be a better drive given above figures.

If you're up for arranging a remap at the same time as me, I am up for it too. Will make the day a better day.

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Tidy mods. My front badge has started to corrode on the chrome edges. Might look into DMB, I know they're highly rated, but never seen a close up before. Drums also look much better!

Dmb badge doesn't fit right around the chrome edge, you're needing a new badge buddy. I had to buy a full new badge them dmb only covers Ford logo.

check this link


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Don't know why you chose chrome fog surrounds as IMHO doesn't go with white car - will look good when you get the plastics sprayed (on my wish list too!)

Apart from that all good :)

Mate. I completely agree with you. I bought the fog surrounds at the same time as I bought the car..... fitted em, then changed my mind. I have the black surrounds in the cupboard alongside all the standard parts I've taken off the car..... I will be using the standard surrounds to get painted and will probs sell the chrome surrounds at that point.

I thought I preferred em..... but not anymore.

I have 3 or 4 things I wanna di in the very near future.... all external, and I wanna see if I can somehow arrange to get em all done on the same day. Would be amazing to have a morning and evening pic :D

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You don't remove the badge - just stick over the top!

I dunno if he's referring to the fact I did actually change the badge before putting the DMB graphic on.... one of the first things I done, pics in first post of before and after.

To take the badge off, it's only stuck on with adhesive.... get a flat screwdriver, wedge it behind the badge at one end, and start wedging it off slowly, making sure you're not damaging the grille with the screwdriver... could use a cloth to be extra careful if you like.

One I got just a little bit bent up, I grabbed it with pliers and rolled the badge around them until it was fully off, voila!


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ahahah cheers for the fast response

yeah i have DMB but i dont like it as the crome effect around the edge has wormed and looks worse than ever!

after reading this i ordered a new badge on eBay and it came yesterday i just couldnt figure how the old one came of, it wouldnt budge!

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Had a modification on its way through the post, getting delivered today but I'm at working, Mrs was home tho. She woke up and saw the postal delivery card that says to pick up at post office (literally across the road), she didnt do it, now I need to wait till Friday, my nxt day off. Rage!

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