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Some other dudes music


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It's one of those really annoying things but some people would argue there's no problem because it's their car etc.

I agree with you though, it always seems like I pull up next to a right chav at traffic lights (I'm not stereotyping - but most of the time the car etc is very chavy) and they'll have the same sort of music blaring in their car as they would on a phone while they walk through town.

I love music and I listen to it a lot while driving, and my taste is really varied. But when I'm listening to Tupac or Immortal Technique I'll always turn it down a little bit at traffic lights or when I stop, but that's because I feel embarassed sat in my little girly MK5 Fiesta listening to loud rap music - I know people are probably looking at me thinking "Look at that chav in his Fiesta listening to his chav music" lol :D...

That's just my opinion though :)

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