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Help Needed With 2002 Tdci

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Hi guys, this is my first post and I need some help.

I am a Brit working in Spain and I drive a LHD 2002 1.8TDCi of indeterminate mileage (long story). I have a problem with my aircon and the local garage has failed to rectify it.

My aircon works fine in the early mornings or when it is cool, turning the car into a vertiable fridge.

But when it is hot, or after the car has warmed up a bit it trips off. The lights stay on but the air briefly smells slightly musty and then only ambient (hot) air comes through, although the fans remain running. I have had it regassed and I guess that since it works well (when it works), gas is not a problem. Once it has tripped off, it will not reset until the next day (if the weather is cool enough).

So what is the issue? How can I sort it.

My guess is a sensor fault? I have been told that maybe a blocked pollen filter could be a part of the problem - I don't know for sure.

(Where is the pollen filter and how do I change it?)

Garages here are very unreliable and unhelpful and the car has been in 3 times with no fault found!!!

Cheers in advance.


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Some checks to carry out before you throw money away on a re-gassing. Lift the bonnet with the engine running (ticking over), and get a friend to press the AC "on" button. You should hear an audible click as the electrical clutch on the AC Compressor engages, followed by a slight dip in revs. Switching the AC off should produce another "click", followed by a slight increase in revs. If the clutch isn't engaging, check 10A (red) Fuse F15. If the fuse is Ok, check relay R11. If Relay R11 is OK, and you can hear, or feel the relay clicking in and out, have a look under the front offside of the engine, and make sure the 2 pin connector to the AC clutch hasn't been damaged, the wires broken, or filled with water. If the clutch is engaging, but the AC is not cooling, a simple way of checking whether the gas system is OK, is, with the engine running, and the AC switched on, carefully, feel the temperature of the two pipes going in and out of the AC compressor, which is located at the front lower offside part of the engine. If the compressor and gas sytem are working, one pipe will be hot, and one will be cold. If they appear to be the same temperature, then there is a probem with the gas side. Obviously, to apease the health & Safety brigade, you have to appreciate the dangers of working on or around the engine, when it is running, including looking underneath! The above info is from work on my Mk1 2.0L Ghia - 2004 reg. My problem was a faulty R11 relay.

Source: http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=63090

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It does sound like a sensor fault, but I dont know what sensors the aircon has. It could be a high pressure which is being activated when the temperature increases and therefore the pressure increases

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Cheers chaps, I'll have a look when I get a chance. Even if I can't fix it I can turn up at the garage and tell them what's wrong.

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