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Louis P

Rear Passenger Door Locked

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I have a 1999 V reg 1.8 Ford Focus LX. Problems with central locking and a door that wont unlock at all.

1. the central locking only works to lock the car if the front passenger door is locked. If this is the case, the driver and passenger door behind driver can be unlocked and locked fine. But nothing happens with the front driver door. If the I have a routine of having to ensure the driver door is open when locking the front passenger manually from the inside otherwise all the doors will lock. Any ideas?

2. the rear passenger door behind the front passenger will not unlock remotely or manually from inside or out. It is stuck in the locked posistion. When I try to unlock in manually from the inside it springs shut and even if I hold it in the unlocked posistion and try to open it from inside or out, still will not open/unlock. I guess its probably the locking mechanisim itself but cannot get to it without being able to open the door. Any ideas how to open the door otherwise will be a great start.

As a note to the above, I have checked fuse 63 and is fine, has been replaced as well. The central locking thingy has been disconnected and reconnected. Still no joy. At least if I can get point 2 fixed, I'll be happy.

I have kids and parking outside my house is on the left hand side of the road but have to get the kids out the other door which takes them out into the busy road and as you can guess, Im keen to fix it for their sake, if not my sanity :P

Look forward to any great suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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This problem reminds me of an issue my sister had with a '54 Focus 1.8i Ghia she had. O/S/R door won't lock at all, I managed to clean the latch up using WD40 which worked for a short time then it had to be replaced.... 2 months later the Driver's door did the same thing resulting in a replacement latch. Latches are expensive new so - I'd try to rule out any damaged wire issues first, and be certain it the latch :)

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I wonder if you take the fuse out , and try and un-lock it from inside you may be able to open the door , assuming the child lock is not activated. Or it could be that you need to keep pressing unlock and pulling on the door fast to release.

Could be faulty lock or worn wiring to that door or the front o/s/d as well seeing as your having a problem on the passenger side.

With battery or fused disconnected you should be able to manually open the doors unless its the locks that have failed

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