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Just wondering if any of you are Formula 1 fans, what you think of it going to sky sports next year and the new circuit in american being cancelled, as I personally was liking how it was looking even though it was just a rough dirt layout. Also I'm sure I remember in seeing an interview with one of the teams and they said that either next year or the year after that the where using 4 cylinder turbos as audi were going to go in but would only do so if they used 4 cylinder turbos, and that they weren't happy due to the fact audi had dropped out and it made it more difficult for them as they had to make a space frame. Or was I dreaming about that interview. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Are they still considering new york for 2013.

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i wish it weren't heading over to sky sports! After so many years of enduring ITV's rubbish coverage it was a godsend when BBC took over. but as always, good things are short lived :angry:

i loved how much effort the BBC put in to making the programme; the build up, the presenters and their priority over air time with drivers was ace. hopefully it'll be the same (minus martin brundle) with their allocated races next year!

ive never paid for sky sports either so im not that clued up. ive heard that they could be doing an F1 only subscription for £10 a month, but doesnt sky sports cost £10 a month anyway on certain packages??

shame about the track in texas, im sure it'll be re-listed in a few years. new york hasnt been mentioned recently so should still be going ahead!

in terms of the engines, yes they are changing them to turbos. it'll be a 1.6 litre v6 with a 15000rpm limit. not entirely sure what to make of that! :unsure:

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I to loved the BBC coverage and will not be upgrading my Sky Package to get Sports. I used to pay in order to see the football, but never felt I was getting value for money as it costs enough without it. There wasn't enough games that I wanted to watch for the money I was paying.

So I am pretty gutted that the BBC has lost the coverage, and like Pragmatix, will be watching the Touring Cars.

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