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Cracked Windscreen


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Hi Guys.

I've had a bit of bad luck these last few weeks starting with the passenger footwell outlet that has come off. Replaced a couple of tires with nails in and have just discovered a crack stretching from the bottom of windscreen to mid height of wiper blade. I see no chip or stones at all on the windscreen so i'm wondering if this can be claimed through warranty.

Has anyone else had a cracked screen?

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every time ive had a cracked screen its been dealt with thru insurance... youd probably have to take th car in to have ford look at it, then they will probably tell you its not their problem...

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It would be very unusual for a structural problem to cause a vertical crack. More likely a rounded stone that cracked but was too smooth to chip the glass.

Your insurance company should sort this without any hassle. It will cost you a smaller excess than if you had a non-glass claim and won't affect your no claims bonus.

You have had bad luck but don't let it dishearten you! Bad luck just comes in run sometimes. On my last car I got a puncture after I collected it from the dealer before I even got to the post office to tax it followed by another puncture (different tyre) six days later and then an oil leak from the diff a few days later. However, once sorted the car was no problem until the day I part exchanged it for the Fiesta.



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Mine kinda does this and trails the windscreen wiper [Passenger side]. I guess i'll have to suck it up and call autoglass, i've just got a string of bad luck this year. New tires, windscreen and steering column. I'd say am not doing too bad for the first year. :lol: Can't wait till it's first service in February.


Obviously my art work is very poor but it smoothly corners. :P

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"Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace"


"Whatever piece of glass is damaged on your vehicle, Autoglass® can help.

We can repair or replace any piece of glass on any make or model of vehicle and our workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

In this section, you can find out more about how Autoglass® can repair an existing windscreen quickly - and usually FREE of charge if your motor insurance includes cover for glass damage.

Autoglass® technicians will always try to repair damaged glass whenever possible to save you both time and money but, in some cases, your vehicle glass will be beyond repair. Find out what happens if your windscreen can't be repaired and needs to be replaced.

At any time, you can then book an appointment online and enjoy quick, professional service for your vehicle glass."

They also come to you, and I think I heard in a recent ad "most insurers recommend us so no need to give them a call before" - I think they deal with the insurers for the customer.

I'd suggest giving them a ring/email

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