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Grinding Brakes ?


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my fiesta mk7 61 plate with little over 3000 miles has started to make a weird grinding noise when slowing down at lower speeds dont have a clue what it could be any ideas ?

or should i take it to ford and get them checked ?

there working ok just this noise that is so damm noisy .

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You dont say if front or back,you may have a stone jammed so best to let your stealer have a test drive dont think they

will charge for this but you may save money in the long run.

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It could be the material the pads are made from, the vauxhall corsa/fiat punto suffers from it too because the material is quite hard. Something like that anyway lol.

I’ve read on the forum here a couple of weeks ago thatother fiesta owners are experiencing squeaking in the brakes too on the front

and apparently ford have admitted their is a problem with the pads that they squeak,

but they will not be performing a recall on the item because the grip on thepads is sufficient and performs to the standards required but ford have sincechanged the compound of the pads

and when it comes time to change the pads the new ones wont squeak

also if it is a stone you will see scouring in the disc, if you look at the discand see an indent in the finish then its a stone digging in to your disc

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My front brakes used to make a noise when cornering at low speeds - turned out that the pads were binding up in the calipers and not pulling back from the disc after they'd been applied.

I found details of a Ford service bulletin on t'interweb, which suggested removing the pads and cleaning everything down then applying copper grease to pretty much every surface of the caliper EXCEPT the friction face of the pads.

Had this done (not by Ford) and now my brakes are beautifully quiet. The LH pads were binding up so badly in the caliper due to corrosion and brake dust build up that they didn't come free without a fight.

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I have this too, took it to Ford and they took it for a spin..obviously said they found nothing but will be going back for other issues on Thursday so will have another go

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