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Headrest Dvd Lcd Screen

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I have a 2009 SMAX which has a Ford DVD player installed with LCD screens in the headrests.

One of the screens on the passenger side has been damaged and will only display 'fuzzy lines'.

Ford Main dealer is quoting me £1,100 to repair as it comes as a whole unit !!!

I'd like to replace, however is their a cheaper option (such as just replacing the screen) ? If so, where can I get the screen and how do I install ?

This was a ford fitted option and I want to replace 'like for like' and hence do not want cheap 'alternative' screens.

Any help appreciated.



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There's a guy over on the smax owners club website that's a whizz with electronics.

Might be worth posting this over there and seeing what response he (or others) might provide.

The only advice I can give is to try to find out the original screen panel manufacturer (there may be a manufacturer name or model code on the LCD panel if you take it apart) then google the details and see if you can find a supplier that can sell you the replacement panel. If you can, you will find the price is likely to be £100-£200 or thereabousts.

I'm not familiar with the innards of the ford screen units, but they're usually quite easy to replace - there's normally a detachable ribbon cable and the panel will simply lift away.

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