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Evening All

First time I have been on the site so please help me along if you see me misbehaving/posting in the wrong catergories.

To be honest I suppose i'm cheating in a way has I havent taken delivery on my new ford as yet and the garage as informed me today that it isn't going to be ready on the 1st March (dam an drat). Its only been ordered 3 months and they still can't hit the correct date, hopefully though I should have it by the 9th so fingers crossed.

This will be my second mondeo, the first been the st tdci estate (07 plate) which I thought was a very nice car to drive especially once I had a Bluefin installed. The new car is the Titanium X Sport 2 litre 240 bhp Ecoboost estate in ice white, if I said I wasn't looking forward to it arriving I would be lying........I can't ble edin wait!!!!!!!!

What I would like some advice on please is, is there a bluefin equivalant for the new mondeo I'm getting or are there other products that give it a boost that people recommend? And secondly is there a market out there for second hand buefin handsets, I still have in my possesion the one for the st tdci which I uninstalled before selling the car on.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will pick up some good info/tips on here.



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