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Hi there! I'm 24, come from Norfolk and own an XR2i Mk 3 1990 in Ford Diamond White (B1). Bought it for £1000 last May.

When I got her, all wheel arches had been replaced, Escort wheels, Engine was pretty clean to look at but the car had been standing around for a few years so once I started driving it, the head gasket had gone so the car developed a creamy gunk in the engine. Did a complete oil change, and cleaned the engine all up and also replaced head gasket. Under the car had been undersealed and any rust had already been sorted!

After I had the car a few months, suddenly noticed that tiny rust spots were developing all over the bonnet of the car!! I reckon someone must have been grinding next to the car when it hadn't been sprayed long. When driving, the car wasn't too great. used to "bounce" up the road if going slowly. Was fine if driving over 20mph. Replaced HT Leads with Magnecor leads and coil pack, Fitted a new air filter, new oil pump, and other small jobs. The exhaust system is not too great and was a complete bodge by the last owner so want to get that done too. Has also started blowing slightly just lately >=( Annoying!!!

Aesthetically, the car was pretty nice and has a very clean RS Turbo interior. I want to keep the car as original as possible and hopefully one day, with some new wheels and a little more lowering, enter it into shows. I did however, hate the side panels so I covered them in a Red silk fabric, but have done it so i cant take it off again without the old fabric being ruined.

NB: In the pics attached, I'd only just passed my test! So had green L plates. Took them off pretty quickly tho as i didnt want paint damaged lol.



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