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Ford Fiesta Engine Immobiliser


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Hi There

I am new to the site so am not sure If I am posting this right or not.

I have an 03 Ford Fiesta Zetec. I left my windows down due to the weather being hot and 2 days later found that the indicator linghts were flashing and the Immobiliser light also flashing, the key would not work to open the doors and the engine will not start.

Now when I try to turn the car over there is a clicking noise and the immobiliser light doesnt even come on, i am not sure if I have run the battery down or not, however when I try to start the car, my reg number is displayed on the radio screen, i am also not sure what this means.

Can anyone help.


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From memory the registration number can be stored in the radio as a security feature if it is stolen. This would suggest that the battery has been totally flat enough for the radio to think it was disconnected. Start by charging the battery and see what happens then. If the car has an alarm the open windows could have caused it to go off and run the battery down.

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Thanks a lot, I jump started it this evening and all is working fine now. no flashing lights to be seen. However I do still have the reg number showing on the radio, when I type in the code given to me by the prev owner it says its the wrong one. Guess I will have to contact Ford!!


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Hi all, My neighbour has an 02 plate Fiesta 1.25 thats causing problems. The immobiliser seems stuck on (when you turn the key nothing even with a fully charged battery/booster - but the red light DOESNT stay on in the clock) it doesnt have remote locking, just 2 keys with a red sqaure on them (no plip) - Is there anyway to deactivate/bypass the immobiliser? i remember an old Peugeout i had only needed two wires under the seat scotch-locked to bypass - does anyone know if a Fiesta immobiliser can by bypassed? Its too good to scrap. but not worth spending many hundreds on either.

Thanks in advance


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