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I'm A Ford Master Technician Joining The Site

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Hi all, I'm a ford master technician with 13 years at a ford dealer. Hoping to help some of you out with any problems you maybe having with your ford cars. Look forward to helping out.

Welome to the forum Jason,

its a pleasure to have someone from ford on the team, smiley4038.gif

please see my list of guides below this post and can you tell me if i have void all warrenty on my focus?

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Hi Jason,

I only joined myself Yesterday, and am hitting you with a question already :-(

This was my first post last Night, and wondered if you might have an idea on possibly resolving it?!! Thanks Bob.

G'day all,

Yet another newbie!! I was hoping to have a good look around for a possible answer/cure for a problem i am having with my 2001Focus estate. I have left it a bit late in the Evening, so i thought i would just put a question on first, and see if anyone has had a similar experience/problem?

I recently purchased a Focus TDDI (loving the fuel economy) and i have always opened the tailgate with the key. Now i have been using it for work for a while, i have realized how handy it would be if it would work from the key fob, or the dash button.

When i tried the key fob Today, (as well as the dash button) i listened under the dash near the throttle pedal and heard a clicking from the box "fingy" that does the central locking. When i tried to remove the connector from the "fingy" it came out in one piece still connected to the circuit board. I had a Friend from work listen at the back of the car near the lock to see if it was doing anything, make a noise or attempt to open, but no joy :-( The circuit board i had hold of was (the silver box on it) clicking. Any thoughts/ideas/help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi Jason I am a new member and will be looking for answers to some of my problems will be intouch with you soon


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Please can you like me in this Facebook link http://apps.facebook...efid=702122022 I'm here to answer as many questions as i can but i only get use of a computer 2 or 3 times a week, thats why i need people to like the link.

You may have to remove the full stop from the end of the link for it to work.


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