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£2 To Transform Yours Dash Steering Wheel And Mirrors And Surroundings Carbon Effect

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charlie if ya gona use a stanley make sure its a new blade,

I would use the blade on its own but put quite a bit of tape around the bit you are using and be careful lol.

Its all delicate work anyway with the blade.

I will put the youtube videos on for ya 2moz the ones i have saved.

If you dont want to take the stereo out you can just do it in the car.

If you have the squarish stereo theres just 2 screws behind the stereo


also Gav if its the same as mine the curved stereo it all just pops off without moveing any stereo

but your focus is newer than mine so maybe different

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Sorry gav misread

The main thing is light, if you do it in bad light it looks great until you take it to sunlight and it looks a mess and full of bubbles ive done it.

You cant loose if you put your mind to it, if theres bubble just lift and do that patch again.

You dont need much heat for quite a flat surface dont stretch to much if you can help it.

Leave about 5mm on all edges and this is where you need ya heat to bend the vinyl to the back of the surround.

I find that when your applying the vinyl press quite hard and it doesn't leave any bubbles, push to soft and bubbles stay well they do on the cheap vinyl anyway.

Can get the dearer vinyl bubble free but you dont need it just practice with the cheaper vinyl, bubble free = easy way out.

Hope this helps oh and always have a sharp blade

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