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Hello Everyone


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So abit about my self im in an apprentice to become an engineer so im very hands on. I love modified cars not the daft ones though, I very do much like ford cars.

I first drove a punto, yes I know not the best but was the cheapest insurance for me at the time as I am young.

I had enough when the head gasket blew most likely because I put an induction kit on as big as the the engine.

I then moved onto a millenium focus with having the intention to make it a truely nice car but after a while I decided was way too much work and just wanted another 1.8 mk1 focus and Thats what I have now in grey metallic Its very nice I love driving it and want to modify it further.

I want to be able to most of the work myself on my car as I am very hands on and build up my experiance with the use of the forum etc... so please any help would be great I have already posted another topic about a performance exhaust already and I will be a very commited memeber as long as People communicate back.

Say hello back add me as a friend I do not mind if anyone needs any help with anything I'l try to help but I need to learn too.

Regards Ben and his Fozza (Fozza meaing the Focus my friend also has a fiesta and he calls his the Fezza)

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