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Drivers Side Drive Shaft Issue After Clutch Change


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Hello Fordownersclub,

This is my first post so here goes.

We did a clutch kit replacement on my MK4 1.3 fiesta last week. It was dreadful but we have refitted everything and started the engine and moved the car backwards and forwards in gear to test the clutch. All is well except we noticed a load of fresh gear box oil on the floor.

After investigating we noticed that the drivers side drive shaft was showing a little clean metal where the old seal used to seal around it. So we made sure the constant velocity joint was on the engine bracket properly and tried to push it in some more. It would go but sprang back out a little so it’s not sealing the shaft by about 2-3mm allowing oil to drip from it.

Now am I missing something or do you think we have put the new seal in too far or should it go in until it rest all the way in so it cant go in any further? Or has the bracket moved or bent some how? blub.gif

Thank you

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Update for this after a year. We put the seal in to far. It should be flush with the outside of the gearbox. The good thing is. We just put another seal over the old one which made it flush with the outside of the gearbox anyway and thus created a better double seal. Over a year later and it hasn’t leaked.


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