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hi there i had the car in for diagnostics and got codes back P0100 maf not okay,P1211 rail pressure not in range ,P0251 fuel pressure regulation v/v malfunction ,P179A boost pressure sensingv/v malfunction.and P1000 OBD test systems cannot complete ,this is the codes i got back ,,,heres what i have recently done to try and sort the glow light then limp mode problem ,ran the car with maf not connected causing first code ?next changed the fuel filter,the car wouldnt start,too much air turned it over and opened the injector pipes to blled ,we ended up towing it and it started ,this i think caused code two and three ,i changed the fuel filter for a ford genuine one,primed it with a syringe and it started first time , the car runs great with turbo ok ,starts good when cold goes to 10 or 15 miles then long hills the glow plugs come on ,it then comes to a halt unless i flick the key off and on while still moving and it carries on ok ,but if i let it grind to a halt it wont start until it cools then its like sarting a petrol car on one cylender ,the actuator arm is back towards windscreen and will not come back to start position till its cold enough to start ,any views or opinions will be much appreciated as im at wits end thanks in anticipation ........i have replaced alternator ,camshaft sensor, fuel filter and air filter

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