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New Member Here, And Proud To Introduce My First Ford! :-)

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Hey guys, after just buying my first ever Ford, I decided to join your forums to have general chit-chat about cars and more specifically, Fords! My first Ford as you can see is a 2004 Fiesta Flame, 1.4 16v in Aquarius Blue. This being my first car ive owned to myself (the other is an Audi A3 i share with my girlfriend) Although Im 27, I still have a bit of boyracer in me (having only passed my test last year!) so am keen to make some minor modifications to my Fiesta to make it stand out from the crowd. I'm not talking massively flared wheel arches and stupid over-sized spoilers (I live in Cheltenham - not Essex!) just some minor tweaks here and there to turn heads and keep a grin on my face as I drive it! :-)

I've already added Ford OEM dust caps, gel overlay front, rear and steering wheel badges and chrome bee-sting aerial. I'm pretty damn proud of how nice it looks near-standard and I'd like your thoughts on how it looks, and any suggestions for modifications I can make to enhance it further would be greatly appreciated.

And of course, I'm here also to make friends with other Ford owners, share pics, advice and talk about general stuff.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear some of your comments; good or bad!

Dai84 - Proud New Ford Owner



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Welcome aboard mate.

I'm sure the Fez lads here will have one or two ideas for you.

Enjoy the forum.

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Thanks Stoney! Trying to make a decent signature to go at bottom of my forum posts, but having trouble doing it? Ive done it before on other sites, is there a particular way of doing it on here?

Thanks in advance,

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Ha! Done it! Chuffed to bits! lol :)

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