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Hello All


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Hello all,

Names Matthew and i am a Motorsport Mechanic.

A family member picked up an XR3i yesterday for £1750 and i have signed up on his behalf for any questions we have about it.

First one being how do you remove the steering wheel?

I have took the ford badge part off but underneath is the horn wiring on the plastic tray was wondering what secures it

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Does the car have an airbag?

If not there should be a big nut somewhere to undo.

Slacken it off only, don't undo it all the way and alternate pulling the wheel top and bottom to loosen it (if you unscrew all the way you'll end up with a gob full of steering wheel and blood).

If there is an airbag disconnect the battery and wait at least 20 minutes for any residual charge to go or you risk setting it off when unplugging it.

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