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400 Brake Rwd Fiesta Cosworth Built By A1 Rally Sports


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Need to find a Good paint shop for the car , Any ideas of where to go and round about cost ?.

Probably cost around £1,100 at the most mate but your not looking for a body shop your looking for someone who likes their job more than the money and who takes pride in their work, its a hard job choosing the correct body shop and the local guy isint always the best,

i went to the local guy with my boot handle because i had cut off the badge to fit the brake light ring and badge, i didnt have a dremil at the time and i chipped some of the paint so i needed to get it sprayed. thought he would be good since he has advertisments on the radio and signs everywhere, so i brought the boot handle to him and took four weeks to get it done and he charged be 120 euro.

here is a picture of the part i wanted sprayed so as you can see the size, and the price was robbery


second guy i went to with my full zetec s body kit,

i travelled 1 hr 20 minutes to get to him,

he's near retirment age and works from the side of his house, has no adds in the pappers or big signs outside the house,

charged me 420euro for spraying and fitting the full zetec s body kit, and even pointed out to me that the bumpers were a shade different to the rest of the body on fords because they are painted in a different factory than the rest of the car, so he done a seperate paint mix for the skirts so as the shades would match. all for 420euro i give him 450 and told him id be back in a couple of months with more work.

so id ask around your local area mate,

and get around 10 peoples opinions on the bodyshop to see what they are like before you spend your hard earned on them.

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