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Neglected Fiesta


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Hi guys, new to this forum only today,

Name is Josh but alot of people know me as crofty, so either or is fine by me.

Always been into the car scene and have owned a Mk4 Escort Cab in the past.

Last Thursday I came across a Mk3 Fiesta which had been sat on a ladies driveway for just over 2 years, the car was growing a few things and covered from roof to tyre is moss, dew, and other wildlife.

Scraping this off the window with a card, I discovered it had smashed glass inside but all the windows were good.

With the intention of buying to sell, I knocked on her bought and bought the neglected fiesta for a total of £100.

Hooked up some jump leads and after putting some power into the battery she turned over straight away and fired. After unseizing the handbrake I drove it around the corner and parked up at a friends house. The next day I cleaned all the dirt and webs off and discovered the bodywork was immaculate other than a small spots of surface rust. The engine fired everytime with a jump and the interior is almost concourse. Today as she sits she is now completely dirt free and missing a headlight lense (fell off) but now I'm keeping her as my daily as she passed the MOT with only 3 advisories. Car to date owes me £200 so watch this space as I'll be updating with pictures the cars progress :)

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