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Evening All, New Member Here....


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Evening all,

Just purchased a 2008 Mondeo Ghia Estate 2ltr Tdci in Metallic black. Left hand drive as Im now living in Czech Republic (Originally from Sheffield...Almost half a life time ago :)

Anyway car was imported from Holland, has high mileage but fully serviced by original dealer and well looked after, Usual marks and chips from motorway driving, interior like new and funnily enough the only wear and tear visible inside is the Radio button So I'm guessing the previous owner was a big radio fan :)

Here in Czech its Skoda, skoda everywhere but I wanted something that I knew from previous experience was a good reliable family motor as well as reading all the positives about the Mondeo MK4 not to mention the size of the boot what with two kids and a couple of big dogs, Oh and my brother has had 4 so far without any serious probs so that was a good recommendation :)

So far so good, not as nipper as the 1.8 I test drove at the same time but that was the only good thing going for that motor, This quick enough without tempting fate with tickets ect just need to sort out the chips and odd scratch at some stage (nothing serious but I see em :) ,Install a USB port which I expected to be there??? and the bluetooth on the radio which I also thought was standard?? Or and parking sensors would be handy as its a family used car although need to check with insurance co first as I read that drilling holes in the bumpers could be classed as modifing the car IE. Weakening the bumpers :)

So sorry for the long message.......

If anyone reading this has anz tips or info in what I mentioned regarding the bluetooth or USB then it would be greatly appreciated.






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