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Just Stumble Accross This Website, About To Buy A Focus

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Afternoon all!

I am just going through the process of buying a Focus 2005 1.8 TDCI Ghia. It's in a kind of dusky blue colour (I'm sure I'll find our the proper name soon enough on here!).

I've been looking for Ford Forums so that I can learn all about my new Focus, it's my first Ford too!

This seems like a very knowledgeable website, it will be very useful to be a part of I'm sure.

I'll get some pics up asap.


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Blackburn :)

Funny regarding the mods, I've not got the car yet and I've already been trawling this site & others looking for little things to make it that bit more enjoyable to drive & own.

I wanted to fit the ST guages, but just read the guide, and don't fancy all that cutting, and probably more so, don't want all that mess!!

First thing I want to do is change the stereo, it has the 6000CD square unit, I want a DVD Sat Nav system, currently scouring the web to see what the options are.

I'm looking forward to ownership!

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Hmm, interesting comment about the spoiler, what do you reccomend? I'd rather not pay to get one sprayed. so what would be available in the above colour?

Tyres need changing reasonably soon too, so I will be looking at be getting a new set, hopefully 17 or 18" with tyres.

With the colour being what it is, I'd rather not go down the 'ST or sport route, but more of a 'luxury' theme if that makes sense, i.e. Mondeo Titanium wheels etc

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