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Auto Lights, Auto Wipers & Rear View Mirror


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Hi Everyone,

Having owned many Fords over the past 15 years ranging from the Ford Orion and now to a Ford Focus, I never joined this club before, however browsed many times at various posts. So I am new here and I apologise in advance if I am posting this in the wrong place.

I have a Ford Focus Zetec on a 2008 model (Facelift version). I do not have auto lights, auto mirror or the rear view mirror. I had these on my previous Focus which was also a 2008 version but Titanium. I really miss having these and its not until you font have them, that you realise that you miss them!!! (even though i hardly use them, boys toys i put it down to)

I have recently changed my windscreen so that it can accomodate the rain sensor and the rear view dimming mirror, I have purchased the sensor that fits in the windscreen and also have fitted the rear dim mirror in place, I also have changed the interior light that has the ambient lights and also the auto lights switch. I got these parts from a Ford Focus St on a 2009 reg which had auto light, auto wipers and rear dim mirror, however I have not a clue about the wirinh or how to connect it all or anything else (feel a little hopeless)

I have contacted Puma Build in the Midlands and they quoted me over £1000 to fit, not sure what they were going to do.

Looking at other forums such as Audi, Vw ect it appears that I have the main components and all i need it the wiring and someone to put it all together (unless someone has very good instructions)

Just to recap here is what I already have

* Windscreen that will accomodate the sensor and auto dim mirror

* Auto Dim Mirror

* Sensor for the windscreen

* Interior light for the St with ambient lights

* Auto Lights switch

I would really appreciate any help if possible

Many many thanks in advance and I will post some pictures of my Ford Focus which has undergone some work, lol


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