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New Member - Hoping For A Mk3 Cortina In The Next Year Or So


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Morning everyone,

Just come to have a nosy about. Not much in the way of Cortina Mk3 forums that actually have any activity, so I thought I'd just come to what seems to be the largest common denominator.

Want to learn a bit more about my dream car's baby brother, as realistically a GT500 will probably remain a pipe dream till my 50s, so the Mk3 Cortina will more than do for me in the meantime (if I can pick a decent one up at some point).

Anyway, nice to be here, look forward to getting to know some of you, and maybe if I'm lucky enough I'll get to see one in real life over the next year, just to confirm I'm making the right choice.


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my 1st ever car,bananna yellow.n reg iirc 1.1 or was it 1.3 ltr :unsure: all i know it was totally gutless going up hills,BUT boy did i have some fun in it. :D :D

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Hi Greg, your first car ay? Nice!

Not sold on the idea yeat, I've got a lot of considering to do, because it's obviously a daft choice of car, but the look of it is hard to get over for me, just such a stunner!

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