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New Member - Where To Post For Best Advice?


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Hi All

I am new to the Forum, having moved from a Volvo V70 to fully spec'd Mondeo Titanium X sport estate 2.2. The car is probably one of the best value/performance/spec'd I've had though Ford and its customer "relations" service less so.

The Titanium X Sport has effectively lower skirts on the front rear bumpers and on the sills all standard factory fit, the car was built to my spec in the factory in Belgium. The car is finished in moondust silver and immaculate, as I valet it and look after it well.

The paint on the lower front bumper is bubbling and flacking and will have to be repainted. It is flaking from the inside out (no perforation or stone chips causing it). I would post pictures but not sure how as I have them on my PC.

I would value comments as there appears to be no base coat applied at factory and while I fully understand that the warranty may be 12 months I believe the product is substandard and not fit for purpose as you don't expect paint to bubble on a 30k vehicle.

Can you advise where best to post for advice and how I can drop a couple of pictures in for comment.


PS. I have had various Ford Focus and numerous other Volvo's Toyotas etc none of which showed such issues over many more years or miles.

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