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Hi just a quick hi to all you fellow s max owners.

I have just purchased an 08 plate smax titanium tdci 2 litre.

I have to say i really didnt want to buy a people carrier period, but

myself and my wife are expecting twins in 4 weeks so really had no choice.

I previously had a ford escort and had nothing but problems with it and swore id never own a ford again.

I d joined the camp if it wasn't german or Japanese i wouldn't drive it.

After much anguish and toing and frowing and weeks searching cars with decent boot space 5 proper seats + 2 spare

and needing a diesel and wanting something that wasn't to ugly to look at ,

we kept coming back to the s max.

I have to say i take it all back its a fantastic car lovely looking loads of space and a fantastic and quiet drive.

i only hope it is more reliable than my first ever car a new p reg escort the worst car i ever drove or owned.

My problem now being i thought the car had DAB but it doest it has the sony stereo that looks like the DAB one

can i simply buy a DAB version and swap it over or would i have to have a new arial installed ot anything re coding

any help would be appreciated.

here is a photo of my new pride and joy.

Thank you all, and Hi



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