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Ocd Car Detailing


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Ever since being a kid and helping my dad wash the family car I've gained a passion for cleaning cars, but since I bought my S1600 it's turned more into OCD and my car HAS TO ALWAYS BE CLEAN. This is probably mainly due to the white wheels on the car and I've always felt that dirty wheels let the whole appearance of the car down.

I've owned the car from brand new on a 12 plate so 6 months now and it has been washed every week without fail, maybe even two or three times some weeks if it's particularly dirty or I've been attending a show.

Some people may see it a waste of time and money but if you enjoy doing something then why not.

Just thought I'd show you all my ever growing cleaning selection:

I keep everything sorted for easy access:


Pressure Washer:


Two bucket method every wash, one for rinsing the lambs wool wash mit and the other for shampoo:


detailing brushes and wash mitt:


Pre wash - Snow foam:


Wheel brushes and cleaners:


Auto Finesse:

Revive for exterior trim

Total for interior plastics and pedals

Mercury metal polish for exhausts

Mint rims ( Miracle worker :P ) for my wheels

Rejuvinate polish for paint



Ultimate Polish works well with darker colour cars

Endurance tyre gel adds the shine back to your tyres

Ultimate compound for removing harsher contaminants off the body work (even removed spray paint off my boses car which I was pretty amazed with and left a lovely shine)


Gold class shampoo great cleaner and is the best smelling product ever!!

Ultimate wash and wax shampoo with added wax particles to give your car a just waxed look

Next gen glass cleaner best glass cleaner I've used, doesn't smudge

Ultimate detailer excellent for removing fresh contaminants such as dust, bird poo, water stains and is a mild form of wax so lets the car shine



Quik detailer just the old version of ultimate quick detailer

clay to be used with a quick detailer, always amazes me, removes dirt that I struggle to see, gives the car a glass like touch

Quick wax for when you don't have time to fully wax, instantaneously beads water and gives a great shine

Ultimate liquid wax I prefer these to paste wax simply for ease of use and gives a wet and shiny look to the car

Autoglym goodies:

Fast Glass, simple glass cleaner, also very good for removing polish off of trim

Intensive tar remover does exactly what it says on the tin

Shampoo conditioner I wasn't all that impressed with in all honesty

Super resin polish by far the best hand polish on the market in my opinion, works amazingly well to remove swirl marks, easy to apply and remove without spending hours of back breaking work


And some of my favourite clean pics :)







Im also saving up to buy myself a dual action polishing machine to give the car an even greater shine :D

If you have any questions or want advice on car cleaning I'd be happy to help you out

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And I thought I was bad I am a fan off all things autoglym simple to used brilliant results. Think it was you that put me onto auto finesse mint rims wheel wax and it's awsome stuff keeps my white alloys clean for longer and it smells awsome. I only pressure wash every so often I get a greater satisfaction out of the 2 bucket method. Just part of my collection but there's more on the way


Also does the wash MIT give better results the just using a sponge as I do

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Nice collection you've got going there :) I love that perfect polishing cloth! I bought a Super Resin Polish and that that came free! Wahoo!

I prefer the mitt as I find it much easier than a sponge, it's ultimately your hand, it gets in all the knooks a lot better, some people say they're better for your car as they're softer etc but It's whatever you prefer really. They don't foam as well as a sponge I've found

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I have a stack of drawers in the garage full of car cleaning stuff like that as well! Gotta be organised with all those products ;)

Good man :D

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Im obsessed with clean too. Mainly the inside for me tho. I dont go as far as washing the car every week but it will get a wipe down with a detailing spray once a week or more then when it really needs a proper clean i take it to my local detailer. Never lets me down.

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Haha why not ;) would love to do it professionally

I had it gleaming the other week


But cause of all the trees n hedges around the driveway it's now filthy n covered in dust n dirt n pollen etc :(

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I had it gleaming the other week


But cause of all the trees n hedges around the driveway it's now filthy n covered in dust n dirt n pollen etc :(

oooooooh shiny :) looking good

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oooooooh shiny :) looking good

It was looking good but you should see the state of it now lol :unsure: did that just using the turtle wax black box. what would you recommend for cleaning the exterior windows mate? no matter what i do they seem to end up looking dirtier n covered in streaks :wacko:

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I've not tried that before, but it gives great results by the looks of things.

I've got the old version of this and it works amazing, quick spray and rub in with a microfibre, flip the cloth over and wipe away any excess :D


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May have to give that a go mate. Used micro fibre cloths, car glass wipes, leather chammy n a squeegee but all with terrible results. Really don't help where I have to mark the car either. I'll have a drive down wales n let you clean it for me seeing as you like doing it so much :P

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I actually bought it for my girlfriends car which hadn't been washed in probably 2 years, it destroyed the dirt (probably the wheel to) I know it's extremely harsh and doesn't go anywhere near my white wheels :)

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I think Mark MK will be in a cold sweat from the lack of Dodo products. :lol:

If it weren't dark I'd go and photograph my lot in the man cave, sorry - shed. I'm still gutted I had to sell most of my wax collection (which stood at 24 at the time :lol: )

My latest addition is a Mobi cordless pressure washer, fantastic bit of kit.

This was a loooong time ago when I still had the Fiesta:


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