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Cree'ing Out My Car! Help Needed.


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Howdy, well I've sorta gone mad on the CREE LED department now and I'm looking at going for a full set for my exterior within reason. Will be providing links to each :P


Sidelights - The seller has for some reason removed them, but they're these http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_2908wt_1397 at 12mm wide, so probably best to message as he does say he sells them still on the listing.

Headlights - Not using them on headlights, the 7W ones only produce 1/4 of the light of the headlights so really not worth the loss. Hopefully find some decent matching bulbs, any ideas anyone?

Main beams - Same story as headlights I'm afraid! Again though, ideas on some matching bulbs?

Indicators - Haven't fitted these (or bought as of yet) but thinking of these; http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_2999wt_1163 , they look like they'd give a nice light off them and should fit (I'd LOVE a pair of these for sidelights, but the sidelight hole is only 12mm wide, so impossible unfortunately)

Fog Lights - http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_2982wt_1163 OR http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_4423wt_1163 need advice on which!

Not been made aware of any other lights yet on the front, perhaps as well, as that's already a fair penny's worth!


Brake lights / tail lights - I'm a noob here, so I need some advice, I know the bulb has dual filaments, so can I change the bulb or not and what do I need to do?

Reversing - http://www.ebay.co.u...9514191e&_uhb=1 7W baby's, they're really bright, but honestly don't light up quite as well as the original bulbs. However, I have managed to blind a chav half to death with them.

Indicator - Same as fronts

Fog - Not bothering, very rarely used and to be honest there's only 1 light, and I can't be bothered fitting another.

Also not bothering with the side indicator's, they seem pointless to change really.

I have one of picture of the sidelights so far, will be adding more when I have more bulbs!


As you can see, very bright indeed but not blinding as they're not overly powerful, beautiful white light too. Really impressed with how they turned out. As is the Ford Technician who serviced my car who wanted to know where they're from :P

Managed to snap a picture of the reversing lights too;


See further down for the other 2 pictures of the reversing lights!


Fog light's in! Next page for 4 pictures.

Thanks for looking guys and please help where you can!

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Git lol the focus don't have twin reverse lights as standard so I had to do a mod to install the second one.

Going by the cree's you've listed as your current reverse lights it looks like the fitment is different.

These are what I've got in though


Would have been these


With the extra smd's round the sides, waited close to a month for em to come from china, only to find out they both duds n don't light up :angry: took 2weeks of kicking off at the seller to get a refund as well <_<

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I can get the wedges with the SMD's, it's just it doesn't seem to light up much behind the car, yet all the number plates down the street are lit up, so maybe I'm just used to the yellow :P haven't actually seen the reversing myself, I tend to be in the car :P

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looking forward to seeing the progress on this thread mate.

in regards to the H11 fogs id go for the cree's in the second link they would be brighter. i have fitted the set in the first H11 link you have in your post and results look good and remarkably like 6000k HID Kit but not very bright shining on the road more for crusing the street at dusk.

and for your high/low beam id recommend some Osram Cool blue intence bulbs look like 6000k and will compensate for the cree H11

im not saying dont buy cree H11.

they are fantastic to look at and enhance apperance but they lack in beaming out on the road so some bright low/high beam will make up for them.

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Had been looking at the Osram's, but never knew which to get, especially for the main beams (nightbreakers, or the cool blue). And yeah the Cree's do kind of fail in the lighting the road aspect, but then again when do you use fog lights in this country for their purpose? And when really are headlights not enough? So I think I'll be safe :P

Thanks for the input ^.^ looks like my choices are becoming clearer.

Have you put the car in reverse and went around the back to have a look at them? Be interesting to see a photo of them

And nope lol, might do it when I go to put the bin out :P

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Here are my osram cool blue intense h7s



In the photos I am parked right under a street light though.

I know Lenny has the nightbreakers, have you got any photos for comparison Lenny mate?

People do say though if you want a cleaner whiter light to go for the cool blues over night breakers, n apparently they just as bright.

I drove from nottingham to birmingham last night and the difference over my old standard bulbs is quite dramatic.

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Reverse lights look quite bright to me mate. Probably don't appear to light the road up much cause they cleaner and whiter, plus they higher up as apposed to us focus owners.

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Yeah I suppose, don't think I can get brighter one's than that (think 7W is the highest in the T10 bulb) so they'll have to do :P. I suppose the road I usually reverse up is lit anyway, need to take it to the countryside some time. Hopefully order my bulbs in the next few days, looking at some 7W reversing with SMD's if I can get them for around £5 - £7, some indicator's with SMD's, the fog's which are £30 -.- and then I think the cool blue OSRAM's, seeing I'm clueless on the tail/brake lights seeing they're dual filament.

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Fair doos mate

To confuse you some more, us focus owners have not long been having a discussion on what bulbs to use


If you read it you'll probably go mad from all the different brands mentioned lol but in the end it all comes down to personal preference.

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Well ordered my fog's, 11W ones with LED's down the sides like SMD's so should look good! Going to get the headlights sorted next I think. Doing the whole front end first.

EDIT: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130760202262#ht_4423wt_908 these are my order; I offered $45 and he took it! I know it's only a small saving but it counts!

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Same here mate do mainly motorway driving but the weather conditions never really bad enough to allow legal use of fogs.

Lmao don't be squashing any cats mate.

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