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Instrument Cluster


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Hello all,

I was wondering, does anyone know if it's possible to simply plug and play a replacement instrument cluster on a Ford Focus Mk3?

Would they have to be identical, or could a Titanium cluster go into a Zetec and vice versa?



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from experience of breaking my old cluster, it cost £800 to replace! but yeah i found the immo circuit runs through the cluster so it will have to be programmed by ford or a holder of IDS. it will also need to be of same part numbers to be compatible.

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I'm currently looking into this and the early research "suggests" it is possible. But it is by no means easy. It WILL require some programming from your local ford stealer so that the car will run. You also need to change some settings using an ELM cable and some special software, there is a thread in the guides section. Quite far in there is some discussion about changing the cluster. You will also need to find a cluster that has lower miles than yours as the mileage is changeable but only up!

Decided to make this my first mod so when I get some money I will be taking the plunge on ebay for a used cluster (£50-£100) then I have already agreed with my local dealer to have a go for an hours labour (£55)

I will do what I can regarding a guide if all goes well!

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Hi, Mike! Yes, possibly replace the instrument cluster from Titanium on Zetek. thus do not need to re-program this cluster. I live in Russia and in this country already have such a practice to replace the cluster on focus. you need to just buy a new cluster. Remove the old panel (it is attached by 2 bolts). Connect new unstrument cluster and put it in place. I am now going to do the same, but in Russia, these clusters are very expensive (about $ 1000). Advice please whtrt ican find an online auto part store with delivery to Russia, to buy the instrument cluster.


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