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New Focus And Footwell Lights...


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Hi all, just about to join all you Focus drivers out there, but I've hit a stumbling block...I simply love Ford's, always have, but what has clinched the Focus for my missus (amongst other things) is the interior lighting!!

Now, in the brochure, the Titanium shows a "red" colour light in the footwell...Ford states it as "Interior ambient lighting with LED technology and footwell courtesy lights".

The Titanium X however shows the "ice blue" she has fallen in love with...Ford states this as "Interior ambient lighting with multi-colour LEDs".

This has me confused. Does the Titanium only have the "red" footwell lights, or can you change the colour?

Either way, I'm over the moon we've settled on the Focus, being a one-child family it simply cannot be faulted!! I just want to iron out the smaler details before getting over-excited and buying without checking everything.

Thanks in advance for any comments you make guys!!

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What you have stated is correct. But the Titanium X is multi coloured and unlike the mk2.5 you can't change them unless you disable the red and fit some blues

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yep titanium x has multiple choice of led colour where as the titanium is set to one colour, if you can find a used one for a small amount more then go for the titanium x its a far better choice with DRL's aswell

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