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It sounds like either the discs are warped or your ABS is kicking in. Is this happening at all speeds?

Also when new pads have not been bedded in properly before heavy breaking they overheat and go hard. This can give you a vibration when braking from fairly high speeds such as coming off a dual carriageway onto a slip road and braking for the junction.

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My mondeo started doing this after having a rear bearing changed. I think it was a dodgy ABS sensor or a bad connection with the plug. It stopped doing it a week before I sold it lol. One way i found to stop it was disconnect one of the ABS sensors. This leaves the ABS light on, on the dashboard and turns the ABS off but should get rid of the pulsing and grinding. If it still does it, it's not an ABS fault and you need to investigate further. Hope that helps

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