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Unknown Dash Light

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I'm new here so please be gentle.

I have a Focus 1.6 TDCI Studio.

Had it about two years.

Recently, a light on the dash has started coming on. When it first appeared, it was sporadic and hard to say when it would happen.

Now, it happens daily and I can tell you exactly when it will happen.

Usually when the engine is cold and you accelerate to get up to speed. Not heavy acceleration, just normal. Even when the wife does it.

Cold morning, accelerate to 60 and the light comes on. Power is limited and occasionally prohibited. Turn the engine on then off and it's fine but it is very annoying and is starting to happen too often for my liking.

The light is an exclaimation mark inside what looks like a sprocket.

I have checked the owners manual and can't find anything that looks like it.

Have looked online, same thing.

Car has been to both my usual garage and the Ford garage. Both have run diagnostics and have come up with nothing.

Any ideas?

Really starting to concern me.



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In my manual that symbol means 'Power train malfunction' not sure what that is tho'

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alls ive read is get it seen to asap..... could be vacume leak, tranny in limp mode... is it a auto?

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This has been coming up on mine the last few months with the same limp home mode coming on. It's the power train light. Had mine scanned and it said glow plugs or glow plug module. The glow plugs are fine though.

I also concurrently had a whooshing sound from in front of the dash like the blowers were on and, after a root around under the bonnet, it turns out I have a couple of leaks in the turbo system, one at the intake pipe and one at the intercooler outlet pipe which is split. Will be replacing these soon as I get cash for the parts. Hopefully that cures it.

Don't know if yours is the same though. Mechanic who scanned it said power train light could really be anything, even though it said glow plugs. Are there any other symptoms? Any strange noises? Any change in your mpg?

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Finally, it has been resolved!!

After the original post a few months back, things got worse with the car.

It started to smell really bad of fumes like there was a leak in the exhaust that was getting into the car and on top of the the power of the car was significantly reduced.

It's never been a fast car but it was unnerving how much power it had lost.

I took it to my local Ford garage twice who came back with an exceptionally unhelpful "we can't find anything wrong, sorry."

After trying a few different independants who said the same thing, it started to become a trial and error thing.

Exhaust was checked. DPF was temporarily replaced to check if that was the cause. Fuel injectors were cleaned. Oil filter and oil replaced and a few other bits and bobs replaced.

After all this, no change/improvement in the car and my wallet was feeling the pain.

Last but not least, the fuel filter was changed. £150 and the problem was fixed.

Everyone who looked at and run diagnostics on the car said the same thing "the light shows something is wrong but doesn't specify what so we can't fix what we don't know is broken!"

Annoying that it took so long however I am glad that it has been fixed and happy to say the car is back to normal. Hopefully with all the new parts, it will last a bit longer too!!

Hope this will help any people in the future.



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first thing you do when you buy a car, give it a full service dispite what anybody says inc history

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