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6000K Halogen Bulbs - Mk3 Lighting


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Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone knows where i could find some decent Halogen bulbs around 6000k colour.

Most I can find seem to be around the 4000-4500k range...

I'm looking to avoid as much yellow as possible in my lights, and was also thinking of putting in LED sidelights...


Also, i'm going to change my interior dome lights to led too,


and also the puddle lamps (which I haven't decided on) as want to get them out first and have a look at the current bulb.

As an after thought... would these be ridiculous fogs? or would they be ok?


Cheers guys, and sorry for all the questions, but there's an awful lot of knowledge on this forum, and i'd love to tap into a bit of it!!


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Hi mate

To answer a few of your questions for you, you can't find many 5000k bulbs, because they aren't road legal lol. This was part of a discussion a few members had not long ago when trying to decide what bulbs to go for. 4500k is your limit I'm affraid.

Have look on eBay for osram cool blue hyper white and you will see what I mean, they sound exactly what you want till you read they are not E marked and therefor not road legal and for off road use only. Fitting 5000k would probably see you pulled over regulary for blinding many people.

There are many decent white xenon look bulbs out there though, I believe many members have went for philips x-treme vision (think thats what they called?), I myself have fitted osram cool blue intense over the osram nightbreaker plus as they are whiter, personally I can't complain.

Onto to sidelights, the ones you linked should do the job nicely as they are cree, so will be a very nice bright white and high quality and not fail like standard led sidelights may. I will be fitting the same ones myself at some point.

As for the fog lights you linked, I believe a few members fitted the same ones and said they was no good at all and quickly changed them, I believe they swapped them for cree fog lights instead and said they was much better. Again I myself will be getting some soon.

Finally the dome LED, I haven't actually seen the type you linked before myself but they look like they would spread the light nicely.

What LEDs you thinking of for your foot-wells mate? Have you thought about an LED ignition ring to carry the interior lights on?

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Thanks very much for your detailed reply. Really helpful too.

I swear I thought I'd read that 6000K or even 8000K were legal... but I know not to bother risking it now. Those Hyper White's do look nice though... lol

I like the look of the cool blue intense... so may well go for those myself. I'm guessing people recommend staying away from MTec and the like? Seem cheaper, but i guess that's probably for a reason?

Thought the sidelight LED's looked pretty good. I was thinking about getting them for the inside and the puddle's, but I think they may be a bit strong for the interior, and am not sure the shape would work in the puddles... I'll have to double check though.

Thanks for the advice on the fogs... That's enough for me to give them a miss. I've seen a couple on eBay that look ok. This sort of thing?


I'm undecided with the footwells at the minute... I'd always thought I'd really like some Blue LED's in the footwells, but since I got the car am a little undecided on what i want to do there... Think I'll sort all the lights that are already there first, and then make a decision once that's done.

And the ignition ring... My car's got a Ford Power Start button, but i guess I could still install a light ring there? There's some sort of cap covering the whole ignition section, but has anyone added an ignition light to one of these before??

Jimrex... unfortunately mines a bulb mate... had it out in my hand earlier today. Weird some are LED and some are bulb... Really obviously yellow too. I'll take a pic when i get a chance, but definitely a bulb (unfortunately for me!!)

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No worries mate always here to advise and help where I can. Believe me lol I was in the same situation as you when looking for the whitest head light bulbs, saw the 5000k hyper whites n thought I'm !Removed! having them lol, then I read on and saw that they are for off road use only. So I went for the nearly as white cool blue intense instead. Our resident copper Clive will confirm that 5000k is a no no.

If you look here and scroll down it says 'Road Legal:No! These bulbs are not 'E' marked and are therefore not road legal and are for off road use only'


If you have a look at this thread here, a lot of us focus owners recently had a discussion on our bulb preferences:


As for the mtec cosmos blues, personally I'd give em a wide berth. I know a lot of people rate em, n a lot of fellow members have had them, but then I remember some of them posting photos of them actually appearing quite yellow in colour and said how they wasn't actually that bright and how they had some brown trouser moments on the unlit country roads. I believe some members replaced the mtecs with the osram nightbreaker plus or the osram cool blue intense.

Here are a few shots of mine:





Also if you look on Oxide's thread here:


Clive has recently bought the cool blue intense h1 and h7s same as me n posted photo's of his there.

The cree fog lighs you just linked should do nicely, as they are 6000k they are not E marked either, however as they are only fogs n not used as often as head lights, n fogs are not a legal requirement, you will get away with the cree fogs. Also as a wise man once said (Lenny), 'they may not be E Marked but they sure as hell have my quality approval on them' so in my opinion that's all that matters lol. Again I know Clive has recently fitted the cree fogs n posted a photo of them in Oxide's mod thread.

As for the interior LEDs, the cree's will definitely be too bright lol. A decent 13smd or a 5smd should be sufficient enough. As for what colour to go for thats down to your personal choice. Personally I've gone for a full blue LED conversion, for inspiration, have a look at the last few pages of my own mod thread here:


So have a mooch at my interior lighting but wear your tanning goggles ;)

Here's a preview B)


By the way, I have twin cree reverse lights fitted:



Think you'd agree they look the business lol and are a nice pure white, so I'm assuming the cree side lights you linked will be of the same effect.

As for the LED barrel, my bad mate I forgot you had a start button lol (jammy goit) you may still be able to fit one as you said but I'm affraid it's out of my range of expertise being only a MK2 owner lol.

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Hi hopefully you can help me, I have a focus 12 plate TDCI with the same interior lights that Mike had with no led in them, I really want to change these, but how does the main light come out of the headlining? I have tried all ways but don't want to force it incase I damage the headlining? I have looked in the manual but that is no help either. also will I have foot well lighting holders with no bulbs or is this an extra? Thanks in advance for your help :)

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No one can help me then :(

I have not tried to remove them on mine so i don't know the answer , but others may not know it either

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Best way to find if the loom is there is do what we all do and have a root around no 2 focis are the same thats why 1 car has them and the same make year and model doesnt with ford its the extras asked for when the cars ordered

The light i imagine the lens pops off as it looks lije its all part of the sunglasses holder at least on the one i drove

Fog light bulbs leds look good but light output on the road is crap so they wont help in the fog and with the heat ill bet they burn out very quickly

Up to you what you do with the lights the wrong bulbs will blind the heck out of people the higher the number does not make the bulbs better the reason the most common color is what you found is they are legal dont blind people and have the best spread of light on the road some look very blue and give poor light

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Phillips Diamond Vision 5000k are the bluest halogen ones you'll get away with. Ive had mine in for over a month and havent even had a funny look off the police. I was fter a nice bluish colour to match my angel eyes and they are the only bulbs ive found that do. There is a big difference between CBI and the phillips diamond vision. Theyve actually got a thicker coating of blue on them so to be perfectly honest with you they arent quite as bright as standard halogens so the risk of dazzling someone is actually less than with the likes of osram nightbreaker plus/philips extreme vision but they still give you a decent light output. Highly recommend them. Not sure if this is the right size for your car but heres a link to a set of h4s http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/H4-Philips-Diamond-Vision-Upgrade-Headlight-Bulbs-pair-12v-55w-PDVH11.html Also use the clubs discount code if you order from that site- ACI005. Other than that you're looking at a set of HIDs, see also http://compare.ebay.co.uk/like/360494619331?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&adtype=pla&crdt=0 decent set of sidelights

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Sorryfor offtop but do leds in interior lighting dim upon ignition on/door lock or they just go off?

I have LED interior lights and because of the low amount of power required to light the leds the bulbs tend to stay on slightly with a bit of a stray current. This can be resolved by buying cnabus error free LED Bulbs

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