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Steering Wheel Knock 2009 Focus Mk 2.5


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2009 Focus Zetec 1.8 TDCI 25k bought from dealer just over one month ago...

What a day,

I took my car into the dealer to get the air vent whistling problem I had sorted/fixed under warranty (http://www.fordowner...25/#entry212033).

Just collected it and the problem still remains! They said they replaced the motor, some kind of pipe and the filter. It is exactly the same. But more importantly… I noticed the steering wheel angle had been repositioned and the cowel thing under the dials was slightly loose. It is now making a very annoying knocking noise when driving or when stationary. I thought at first it was coming from the actual wheel its self, but when I got on the floor of the car and wiggled, the sound seems to be coming from the joint for the steering column. See video…

What the hell have they done to my car??!!!!!!!

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It sounds like the garage employ monkeys instead of mechanics. :wacko:

I know. Tell me about it. I had to spend part of my evening scrubbing the grease out of my drivers seat. Grease or oil god knows.

Does anyone know what they could have done? You can hear the noise from under the bonnet outside too. It was showing it had done a mile on the odo so not like they had taken it for a joy ride. If its something simple, I will do it myself rather than go through that again lol.

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Thanks for your posts. I just can't work out how on earth they could have made this go like that. I checked they wheels, they have not been curbed or anything. I was wondering if they had hit the steering hard on something. Christ knows. I have emailed the sales guy who organised it asking to call me back as soon as he is free as I have a list of problems from picking it up yesterday.

Also, don't know if I am just being over fussy, but my arm rest feels all loose. It wasn't like it before. Wonder if they have put some real force on the wheel and arm rest when taking bits out of the dash to fix the whistle and damaged things. What is most annoying is the whistle remains. Do they not test these things when they finish?!?!

I had to sign some warranty document, but I didn't get a copy. Is it normal to be issued with no paper work after work has been done even if you don't pay anything?

Will keep you posted.

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