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Fiesta 2010 (Mk7) Steering Knocking


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Hi all

I suddenly appear to have a steering knock which sounds like its coming from the steering column. The knock can be heard when either on the move or stationary. When stationary and engine running, the knock can be heard by moving the wheel in any direction by less than quarter of a turn.

I'm taking it in anyhow, but thought I would investigate any similar issues that anyone may have had.

Thanks all.

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Thanks Fordpartsman. What does TSB stand for out of interest? I have had a few 'known faults reported since I have had two Mk7's from new.

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i have the same problem on my 2010 mk7 too, in my experience ford won't want to do it under warranty as they class it as an "adjustment" and adjustments are only covered for the first 12 months (apparently) and not for the entire 3 year warranty

they quoted me £49 to grease the steering column as per the t.s.b. i took the car back to the garage where i bought it (not ford) and got them to grease it instead - this did not fix it.

ford have advised them the next step is to replace the steering knuckle at the bottom of the column (where it goes into the floor) and fingers crossed this will fix it.

it seems a very common problem with the mk7.

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Hi All, New to the forum ,

I too have the problem of a knocking sound coming from my steering column.

I'm just about to make an appointment with my local Ford dealer, I notice on one of the reply's that Ford are aware of this problem and have issued a technical service bulletin.

Does anybody know approx. when this bulletin was issued so I can quote it when I take my car into the dealers. ?

Thank you in anticipation..

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