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Cold Start Problem

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I own a 1.6 Zetec Ti VCT and have recently started having cold start problems. It takes about 5 secs of turning the engine over before the fuel ignites. When it does ignite and starts to run itself, it struggles to keep going without a little push of the accelerator.

It also seems to have a problem reading the revs, when it starts it takes a few seconds to register the revs and then counter kicks in.

Once running OK by itself there are no problems with it and the car runs perfectly fine when driving around. I don't have this problem when the engine is warm, only cold.

Any ideas on what this could be? My only assumption is a lack of fuel for some reason but haven't looked into that properly yet.

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the ti vct uses variable cams when you switch the engine off you should hear some clicks from the engine bay if you get out the car this is the cams resetting themselves to the cold start position if they are not in this position the car will struggle to start first port of call is have any garage do a free battery and alternator test if that is okay im afraid its a ford job as they will have to check the cam positioning sensors cam timing sensors cam controllers etc its not a home job and its expensive replacing individual part syou may have to leave the car with them so they can try starting it themselves

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I can here all the clicking after the engine is turned off so it is returning to the cold start positions. I checked my cam belt timing and that is all OK, it is very intermittent though, and since I have a new high pressure line put on the power steering pump (due to a leak from the compression nut on the pump) it isn't as common, but I know that didn't help it, there is no way it could have.

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the ti vct uses high pressure oil to shift the cams into position theres no way to telkl if thats working without diagnostics these cars need diagnostics to find the faults im afraid

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