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Correct Oil: Advice Please


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What is the correct oil for a mk1 2000 2.0 16v.

Every oil site i go on says something different, some say Part Synthetic some say fully Synthetic etc etc.

Some say 10w 40 others say 5w 30.

Mine has done 148 thousand miles, and i do a lot of stop start work as am a delivery driver.

Also what is correct oil to top gearbox up.


Just another quick one, any one ever had a car on a log book saying its a saloon when its clearly a hatchback, dvla refuse to change it, also fords ettis site says it a saloon.


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since its just as cheap order from ford mate that way you get the right stuff all ford focis use 5w30 thats a fact 10w is too thick though its used on old cars but on a 2000 that can cause sticking tappets so 5w30 is what ford put in

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Standard recommended oil for all Fords is 5W30 full synthetic MagnaTec

I dont know about that magnatec, i've heard so many bad stories about it, engines knocking after its gone in etc etc.
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