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Cam Belt Change Should I ?


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66k is before Ford's schedule, but my own view is 'better safe than sorry'

I also have a 56-plate 1.8 TDCi, and when I bought it last year the mileage was 62k

The dealer serviced it for me as part of the deal (was due at 62.5k) and I got him to do the cambelt at the same time. I contributed £100 for this, but I thought it was a good investment. I can be confident it won't need changing in the next 5 yrs or so, and it's just peace of mind.

A colleague with a 3 yr old Hyundai i30 has just had their cambelt go at 70k miles. The repair bill was £1200 and it's still losing oil & water. I course this is an exception, but it's all about what risks you are prepared to take.

So my own opinion is to get it done. Think of it as an investment, rather than an expense.

But make sure they fit a full 'kit' (which includes the pulleys & tensioners) as well as the belt itself, as these can often go. The cost is very similar.

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given belts have snapped at 85k on that engine ask ford if they are gauranteeing that should the tensioner or belt go before there 125 k limit will they pay for it the answer will be a laugh down the phone

this is a previous post....... have an 06 2.0 tdci Focus with 92K on the clock. 2 weeks ago it slipped a few teeth, didn't snap, and basically demolished the head. After a repair of £1,640.00 it's on the road. My question is because Ford recommend the cambelt be changed at 120K or 10 years, is there any recourse against them?

not that it helps much but the haynes manual points out that although ford specify 100,000 miles, they advise to change it at 60,000

ignore fords stated times that was done to get fleet buyers to buy cars even taxi firms dont wait till 100k never mind 125k'

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How much am I looming at paying as a rough figure

If your car is being serviced anyway, it shouldn't be much on top of what your already paying.

A cambelt kit is about £50, and takes around an hour to fit - which is another £40-50.

So as a rough estimate, about £100 on top of the service itself. (this is what I paid)

Check with your garage and get an estimate.

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They quoted 294 I asked as I don't really need it yet what discou t can they do they are coming back to me

Is that for just changing the cambelt as an individual job, and doing no other work?

Or is it to change the cambelt while also doing a service etc?

If it's the latter it shouldn't cost that much on top of what you're paying for the main service anyway - a cambelt kit is about £50, and an hour's labour is about the same. Max £150 at most.

Also, is that from a main dealer, or an independent mechanic?

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