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2006 1.6 Tdci Fuel System Problem

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Hi, new member here. I drive a 2006 Ford Focus van, 1.6 TDCi engine.

Having some problems for the last 6 weeks or so. The revs dropped in the van while driving, and it eventually turned off. Similar to if the van had run out of fuel. Eventually got it going again but the problem continued. We removed one of the injectors and found that there was no diesel going to it, it was dry. We dropped the fuel tank, but found that there was no pump within the tank. So we removed the high pressure pump and replaced it with another one. That worked for a day before the car stopped driving again. Then it would drive for a while and stop.

Then, after a week or so of driving perfectly, we put it on a diagnostics machine to clear an earlier fault (under boosting turbo). But when it came back from the main dealer's garage it stopped driving again. We then decided the problem must be the injectors, so we replaced all 4 of them and replaced the map air sensor while we were at it. But the problem still isn't solved. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem or knows of any other solutions. Maybe it's an electrical fault which is stopping the injectors from operating? Any help would be greatly appreciated as the cost & time period of the job are constantly getting bigger.

Thanks in advance,


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Fuel filter, High pressure pump and Low pressure pump (I think this engine has a LP pump)

My old 1.8 had the HP pump break up, and send metal thru the injectors and fuel system... resulting in limp mode every time you booted it!

Id say flush the system, replace the filters, and check the filter housing for metal filings... If there is, you need to hope that the new injectors you have put in aren't cooked!!

It could also be as simple as a slightly blocked fuel line, air in the lines... so many things!!

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I think it's more than a blockage in the lines, because at one point it drove for a week before it stopped.

You could be right, though, we literally have no idea anymore. We're hoping it may be an electrical fault. At least then we know what to replace.

Thanks a million for your reply, I relly appreciate it!

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