My Tdci - Anything To Make It Better?

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Hey guys,

I'm from Malaysia and here's my TDCi Mk 2.5 with a 2.0 liter duratorq engine with a 6 speed powershift transmission

here's what i've done with it

- Fitted better stiffer adjustable shocks for the front and sport shocks for the rear - from a custom shock builder from malaysia called Titan

- Fitted an Airtec ST intercooler

- Fitted JBT uprated Rotors - 330 mm front and 320mm rear with EBC green stuff on the front and ford originals on the rear with a custom steel braided hose

- 2.5 inch decatted exhaust system with a single 2.5 inch s-flow box at the back

- Foamed the entire chasis - A,B,C pillar and the under carriage

- had a custom map for the car installed - which brings the power from stock 139hp with the mods above to about 171hp and 393 nm of torque.

- had some skirt and an RS spoiler fitted as well.

- samco hose replacement for all the hoses from the intake manifold, intercooler and the turbo side

Note - only Euro2m biodiesel is available in this country for fuel

I am thinking about getting a hybrid turbo installed to gain a few more horses. Thoughts on that?

Looking out at options to increase any available power







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welcome to the forum. the car looks great and looks like you have done pretty much everything you can. Getting a hybrid turbo wont be easy - not many places doing them as the turbi/mani are one piece items which is a big shame, unless the 2.2tdci turbo kit fits.

Your Focus has different bumpers (front and rear) to ours but it sure does look good!

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I had a shop reckon to get the existing turbo out and get the hybrid work done on it. Enlarged cores and a new set of uprated fins can be slapped on to it. However, i have approx 35000 KM left to go for the warranty to expire before actually touching it. That would probably the the approach i take. Just wondering if anyone has done a turbo upgrade on a focus tdci yet.

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Welcome to the forum,

Your focus looks great, and nobody on here has a hybrid turbo fitted.

Try TDOCUK.com for more detailed hybrid turbo info

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