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Water Leak In Boot?


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Hi all!

I have water getting into the boot of my Focus estate, but I can't find any obvious causes.

I noticed water in the spare wheel well last night, so mopped it all up and checked the boot seal was seated correctly along with the surrounding trim. It doesn't smell of screen wash either.

I've checked it again today, and there's more water.

The only thing I can think of, is water might gather in the guttering type section on the bumper, but I can see there's a drain hole in the middle, I'm guessing, to stop water gathering there. It doesn't look blocked.

Are there any common areas for water to get in?

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Think I've found the problem.

There was water getting in from behind the light cluster. The wire loom wasn't fed into the c-pillar properly, and the cluster was screwed down on top of it, allowing water to run in behind and down onto the floor, soaking the side panel and some of the rear carpet.

Fingers crossed...!

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with these leaks some marine sealant comes in handy it will be either the boot hinges if they are the culprit youll find the top edge isnt sealed at all or the fixings the rear lights screw into that foam seal gets saturated and leaks water inside personally i sealed mine completely so you dont see the foam and had no leaks since also where the wiring feeds in its worth popping these rubber grommet out and applying some sealant before refitting

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