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Update On Water Ingress


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hi everybody

the water still rising, i've read most of the reviews on the same problem and i've booked the car in at my local fords (may god have mercy on my wallet), the car not three years old yet and i'm gutted (it's not a small patch the water leval's above the carpet behind the drivers seat) i will keep you informed how i get on it might help someone.

ps, thanks to all who have or will reply.

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Got the car back last night, they said it was the seal drivers side at the top corner just underneath the bonnet hinge (it said body seam leaking in by wing to front panels on report), my drive as got a bit of a slope so it was running across the bottom of sill and coming in the passenger footwell, on the bill it's got 1 seal-clinc £16.67

plus touch-up paint also they put a new reflector on the rear bumper (which i tried to fit myself and failed they said the bumper as to come off) plus getting everthing out drying out and cleaning carpets, water checks, visual check and a free valet in total it come to

£288 they had the car for three days, does anybody think it was ok or have i been done by mr ford.

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