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Smax 2.0 Tdci Water Leak


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I Have an 08 plate Smax and there is water leaking into the boot area.

Its coming in somewhere above the wheel arches in the rear of the car, and above the windows.

If you remove the internal inspection panel for the lights and reach up you can feel the metel work is wet and the carpets are soden so that it has collected about 3 inches of water into the rear storage compartment as where the spare wheel would be.

I am at the end of my wits re this as its the second car I have with this problem.

I have taken the light clusters out and they are dry.

Autoglass say it cannot be the windows as the seals are good.

HELP ME PLEASE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!


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I havent as yet as I cannot get the plastc covers out, Im not sure if they a glued in or screwed on.

Do they have fixing holes from the roof trims or not?

I do not have a roof rack or roof bars fitted though just the standard roof with the grey trim in the water resess channels

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Hi, just bought an 09 s max and have found we have the same problem of water in the boot. Has anyone found out the cause yet please 

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I have a 63 plate SMax with the same issue. Last February I discovered water in the rear storage area. The garage did some investigation and found that the sealant between the body panels under the grey trim that runs along the roof line had shrunk and cracked. They had the same issue with a Mondeo. Not that Ford would admit to this, but this is a defect of manufacturing. Anyway, they sealed it and all seemed good. 12 months on and the problem returned. The garage said that the repair was good and that it was coming in through the rear high level break light. Complete rubbish!

To remove the grey trim, just peel it back as it is secured with double sided foam tape. You can buy this from amazon. Use some marine grade silicone sealant,  again from amazon, and this should eliminate at least one area of the problem. If you get the correctbsived Torx bits, you can remove the seats and the trim and get the carpets out to dry. As we are now on lockdown with Covid 19, you should have time enough to do it.

I have now removed my interior as the water had soaked the carpet right down to the passenger foot well. Car is now dry and I am investigating further. With a hose over the near side light lens (LED type), I have found water ingress. I am still working on this and will update my post as soon as I have solved the problem.


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I have this water leek problem now in my ford smax 07 plate,so far I did remove all the plastic panels in the boot area and try to trace where the water coming true, only place I did found is boot dor hinge there was cracked between welding lines and seels so the water was going from the top of the boot inside of the both fenders and did some electric issues for the rear lights 

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