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Hid's For A Mk7! - Help And Tips!

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Howdy folks, well after a nice long hour of swearing and shouting, I now have myself a nice HID set in my car, which I'm sure the anti-HID folk will love :P

Basically I bought these in 6000K;


No really blue tint, really nice white light that my Osram Hyper Blue's can't match (they're a 5000 kelvin bulb rather than the Cool Blue Intense at 4500K). The kit seems good, I took the ballast cover off to see the waterproofing inside and it has plenty, nice rubber seal too around the top of the cover, and metal too. A decent instruction guide too, but really not good for using against the Fiesta, the only part usable is the wiring diagram, but I suppose it'd be a mile thick if it had to cater to every vehicle, so here are some pointers;

- You're going to have to remove the bulb holders from the headlamp unit, this is easy as they're attached to the plug that the bulb goes into and just push onto the HID bulbs with a nice snug fit.

- To get the connectors through the holder's, you're going to have to push and wiggle it through, as the connector is a little larger than the hole but it will go through. This will be for all HID kits just due to the connector sizes being a standard.

- If it comes with a rubber bung seal, cut it off; it's a pain in the buttocks and useless really seeing you need to use the holder for the bulb.

- You need electrical tape and duct tape to secure the hole that you need to cut into the rubber cover on the back of the lamp unit. Electrical tape just because it's nice and sticky and easy to get flush with the wires.

- You need a car fitted with projectors, or just don't try it. I believe there are H7R bulbs which are for reflector's, but honestly they're not that great even then. The people blinding you when coming towards you, are probably Golf's with reflector's. Just saying.

So there you have it! Feel free to ask questions and such.




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Oops... well clearly on my front garden! That's what happens when you rush -.-

Was taken at Chester Zoo actually :P

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Question were are your head light washers and are your lights auto levelling

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Nope, but I have both for weekend to be putting on, just need to make space for the levellers really :P

Even with both of those I'm not sure they're 'legal' anyway lol

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