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Drivers Door Flew Open Whilst Driving


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Hi guys, found this place whilst searching for info re an issue with an 09 Fiesta Zetec 1.2, cracking forum btw.

My good lady has just returned from work and has explained an issue that she experienced on her way to work this morning

When she got into the car and shut the door, the "door open" message disappeared from the display, but the yellow/red warning light (above the bluetooth symbol) stayed on.

she drove a few hundreds yards from the house and the "door open" message popped up on the display.She then stopped the car, opened the door and shut it again firmly to make sure it was shut.

She then drove a few hundred yards, and the door actually flew open itself whilst driving. She stopped the car and the door would not shut, as in it wouldn't click into the latch

she doesn't know if the "Door Open" warning had popped up on the display at this point, but she says that the warning above the bluetooth was on (she thinks) all the time

She came back to the house, holding on to the door to stop it flying open.

At the house she tried again to shut the door (she thinks, but cant remember 100%, that she turned the engine off at this point) and the door shut.

She then started the car and the warning light had now disappeared,

She drove to work and home, and it hasn't happened since

It was -2 degrees when she set off this morning, but surely that wouldn't affect it, its been in minus 15 before without issue?

I would be very grateful for any help at all in resolving this issue

As stated the car is a Fiesta Zetec 1.2, 09 plate.

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Hi, I'm thinking the warning light was likely to be the temperature warning symbol.

Ask the missus if it was a red snowflake.

The door may have been a related problem, possibly as it was cold the lock mechanism may have frozen?

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The temperature should not affect it no. These are only my thoughts and not backed up by anything, but could the latch mechanism on the door be sticking and not engaging properly? I think I read somewhere that the sensor for the warning is in the latch, so maybe what happened is when the door was shut the latch didn't close around the hook on the body thus causing the warning to not clear and allowing the door to open itself? Maybe have a look at the latch, see if the moving parts are sticking?

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The snow flake is orange or red depending on the temperature. 1-5 degrees is orange and >=0 is red.

Also is it a mk6 fiesta? On my old one something similar happened. The handle jammed open. So when shutting the door the mechanism was still open. My friend had to keep the door held shut until I could pull over. Knocked the handle back in and then the problem never arose again. The car was only 9 months old as well. Really random but could be the same situation

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Thanks for the replies

@ Stoney871 Thanks for your reply. It wasn't the snowflake symbol, mate, it was the exclamation mark warning light on the information display which is right above the bluetooth symbol. It comes on at the same time as the door open display message when you open the door, but was staying on even when the "Driver door open" message disappeared

@ MartynS Thanks for your reply. I have had a play about with the latch and it doesn't appear to be sticking. Sprayed some WD40 on it in case, anyway.

@ Marcr1 Thanks for your reply. It is a mark 7, Marc. Registered in December 09. Looking at the handle now, it doesn't appear to be sticking out, but that's not to say it wasn't when the problem was occurring earlier. I will tell the Mrs to look out for that though, cheers.

Told her to be careful until we can get it checked over. I don't think that will be a problem, as she got a fair fright this morning.

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Did you have to de ice the car in the morning? And if so did you use water?

One of my friends had this issue - a bit of water got into the locking mechanism and froze when poured water over his windows.

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