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Advice For A Car Novice :)

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Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well?

I've been all over the forum looking for an answer but have turned up nothing, so I've resorted to making a new thread!

I've been lucky enough to have a Fiesta Titanium Mk7 2008 for the last 6 months. However, the power folding mirrors have stopped working.

After traveling to work on Friday, I left the car unlocked in the garage and came back a few hours later, started to drive home, stalled (the shame!!) and the mirrors folded in for some reason.

Since then I've manually moved them back into place, and made sure that I've set them back the "link to lock" via the vehicle menu, but they still don't work.

Any idea what could have caused this and what can be done to fix it?

Many thanks for any help you can give!

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Have you tried pushing the knob used to adjust the mirror positions down when it's turned to the centre (ie not adjusting either mirror)? This folds them in/out and from what I remember in a hire car that had them (my own car doesn't) if you fold them in with this you then have to fold them out again with this before they continue working with the central locking. I distinctly remember thinking I'd broken something with them as they were no longer synced to the locking despite the menu setting saying they were!

Is there also a chance you could have damaged something in them by manually pushing them out? I don't know how they work but I guess they're designed to allow this? The very fact you managed to do so implies they are.

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It's just an electric motor inside the mirror that moved free when not working and you are correct that turning the knob the allows you to adjust your mirrors the the centre position then pulling down on the knob allows you to work them manually (I do this at night on the motorway to avoid glare) not sure on the out of sync thing but I can try it and let you know if it helps

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Hi both,

Thank you both for your help!

I pressed the mirror adjuster and the mirrors clunked back into place, and now they work perfectly!

Again, many thanks for your help!

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