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Alarm Problem


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Whenever i use the spare key (not remote one) to open the doors the alarm goes of. The only way to kill it is to turn the ignition barrel. When i use the normal remote key its fine. Yet when i open with the spare one then open any door of it goes. Any ideas ?

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That's the standard thing.

It's designed to stop someone accessing your car with an unauthorised key.

As the manual unlocking of a door does not involve any programmed part of a key it's set that way.

It ensures that any key used to open the car has a programmed transponder in it not just a cut blade.

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As Stoney says. If you lock the car with your remote key, and unlock it with the same key without using the remote (use the lock) it will go off as well. Every car I have had (not just Fords) the alarm will go off if you lock it with the remote and unlock with the key.

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